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When we set out to build The Rain Collector, we looked at a lot of what other people were doing and figured out how to do it better.  We also found some really cool components that we have included into the product that really does make it the best on the market.

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We believe that we have engineered The Rain Collector to be unique.  It holds its own well above other home rain harvesting systems on the market, today.  We have taken specific care in making certain that it not only provides the best functionality and ease of use, but that it also addresses some key concerns where others do not.  You could say that The Rain Collector is the best All-In-One water conservation tool.

Ease of Use

The Rain Collector is a closed system.  It looks after itself pretty well.  It is sold as a kit or can be installed by one of our installers.  Either way there is nothing complex about it at all. All that you have to do is turn on the tap! 

Zero Cost per Use

Unlike using Municipal water where you are billed for what you use and what leaves your home (and with a nice service fee on top), rain water is FREE.  This means that when you use the water from The Rain Collector, it costs you nothing.  Zero.  Ziltch.  Nada.  Some things in life are free, after all.  Know what?  This actually saves you money!

Intelligent System

Well, The Rain Collector can’t actually think like we do, but it certainly does look after itself.  Other rain harvest devices will have you hack up your downspout and aim it at the top of the barrel.  When the barrel is full, it overflows all over the place.  This can cause flooding, not to mention that it requires you to modify your downspout quite a lot.  The Rain Collector addresses this by being a closed system.  The Downspout Collector diverts water properly when the unit is full, and the Air Management Valve prevents overflow. 

West Nile Prevention

When dealing with stored water, the breeding of West Nile carrying mosquitoes can be a concern.  We have tackled this issue head on to make sure that The Rain Collector is the safest of its kind to use.  Firstly, it is a closed system.  Other systems will have an open lid and may have a screen installed.  Some have open air holes or overflow hoses that mosquitoes can fly into.  We have not taken any chances.  The water intake system is sealed right up into the downspout itself.  We have even engineered the Air Management Valve to have a protective screening in place when the valve is open.  This lets in the air, but not the mosquitoes.  As if this wasn’t enough, the inner lip of the barrel is self-draining  at 12 points so that water cannot collect on the lid of the barrel.

Smarter by Design

By carefully choosing our materials for the Rain Collector, we have discovered some unique features.  3 of the 4 available colours are dark.  With these colours the water will warm naturally in the sun.  Warmer water is far better for your plants than cold tap water.  Go ahead, look it up.  We’re not talking boiling water, here.  Just, warmer.  In addition, the plastic of the barrel will absorb heat from the surrounding warm air, so even the Khaki coloured barrel will give you warmer water.

We have also researched how to best use a multi-barrel system by using our Interconnect systems.  Most other barrels on the market interconnect at the top.  When one barrel is full, the next one fills, and so on.  On other system, each barrel has its own spigot and you have to keep moving the hose connection around when you want to use water.  This inefficient process also means that water could be sitting in a barrel for quite some time before you use it.  We found that this went against our requirement to have a safe and easy to use system.  So, we connect our system at the bottom.  The result?  The whole system fills and empties at the same time as one large volume of water.  This keeps the water fresh, and helps improve the water pressure a little bit too!

Not that Handy?

The instructions included with The Rain Collector are so easy to follow.  However, we know that handy work is not for everyone.  That’s ok, don’t let that hold you back from using The Rain Collector.  You can take advantage of our Local Installation Service and Annual Maintenance Service.  Check out the Services section of this website for more information.  Now all you really have to do is turn on the tap!

A Company that Cares

The Rain Collector is brought to you by Nedco Products - an innovation based company that turns Smart Ideas into Simple Solutions.  Be sure to check out the website for Nedco Products for more information.

Best Value on the Market

The Rain Collector is a complete system.  This is why we make sure that we include everything that you need.  Some stores are selling a smaller rain barrel only, manufactured specifically as a rain barrel, that does not come with all of the components.  These units are being sold for the same price, if not more, than The Rain Collector.  Not only is this environmentally unfriendly since they create new plastic, the search for extra parts costs you time and money.  The Rain Collector comes with everything you need.  It is a complete kit.  Go ahead and enjoy the best value for your money.

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Sealed System

Intelligent System

West Nile Prevention

Sealed Expansion Units

Interconnect System

See how our customers have installed their Rain Collectors.  There are some very nice ideas here for you.  Have a look at how colours work well, and how some even made The Rain Collector a part of their landscaping.

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